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Home fire sprinklers dramatically reduce the risk of home fire deaths, they also decrease fire damage by as much as two thirds when compared to homes without sprinklers.

A good rule of thumb estimate is to add 1 to 1-1/2 percent to the cost of new housing.  Fire sprinklers can also be installed in existing homes.

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Home Fire Sprinkler Facts*

  • Home fire sprinklers can contain and may even extinguish a fire in less time than it would take the fire department to arrive on the scene.
  • Nationwide, more than 4,000 people die in fires each year. Fire sprinklers save lives, reduce property loss and can even help cut homeowner insurance premiums.
  • Installing both smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system reduces the risk of death in a home fire by 82%, relative to having neither.
  • Only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, spraying water directly on the fire. Ninety percent of fires are contained by the operation of just one sprinkler.